We congratulate all the winners and participants of the 15th Diversity Competition!


About Diversity

The project objective is to encourage girls to begin computer studies after graduating from high school.


A complete library of files and documentation required for the algorithm development.


Check answers to the most frequently asked questions.


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Diversity 2017 Finalists


Towards the end of March, we finished evaluating the First Phase submissions: Colobot algorithms and team presentations. It was a lot of work, but it was the kind of work...

Diversity 2017: Tasks for the First Phas…


Learn what tasks we prepared for the First Phase, and what's new in this edition of the Diversity Contest. What's new? The robot chosen for the 16th edition is Pololu Zumo 32U4; We...

Diversity 2017 Has Started!


For the 16th time, Motorola Solutions is happy to encourage secondary school students and teachers to take part in the Diversity Contest. This year, the First Phase of the Contest involves...

Diversity 2016 once again


Diversity 2016 once again

This time, we prepared a short movie to sum up the Diversity 2016 Competition. Enjoy!

Diversity 2016 Finals Summary


Diversity 2016 Finals Summary

Summary The finals of the 15th edition of the Diversity Contest took place on 9-10 June 2016 in Kraków. This year's edition was also the fifth one to follow the Mini-Sumo...

Diversity 2016 Finalists


After employees of the Motorola Solutions Software Center in Krakow evaluated the algorithms and presentations prepared by the teams, we are happy to announce a list of 16 Finalists of Diversity 2016. The order of...

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